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museo vintage prato

Tuscany trip: Vintage and Fabrics’ Museum in Prato

Prato will host a unique journey through history and evolution of current fashion trends and which will also pay tribute to timeless style of the past. The exhibition “Vintage. L’irresistibile fascino del vissuto”, organized by Fabrics’ Museum of Prato in partnership with A.N.G.E.L.O. Vintage Archive, hosts many luxury brands and it will be open until 30th May 2013.

natura morta, giorgio morandi

Florence Museum: Rembrandt through Morandi’s eyes

Uffizi Museum of Florence always worth a visit and now extends its offer hosting until 18th March 2013 a special exhibition, dedicated to one of the most influent European painters and leading figure of “Dutch golden age”: “Rembrandt through Morandi’s eyes” will lead us through the path, long but rich of connection, between the two artists. The event is going to take place in Department of Print and Drawings of Uffizi, where view of the artworks will be glorify by a new light system.

karakorum montagne e ghiacciai

Florence exhibition: Historical Archive celebrates De Filippi’s expedition

100 years ago Filippo De Filippi, Italian medical doctor and traveller, organized an expedition in Central Asia. Historical Archive of Florence wants celebrate this anniversary with “Rediscovering the abode of snow”, exhibition dedicated to this journey and its strong scientific value. The land examinated and commemorated is Karakorum, highland covered with glaciers, between India and Pakistan. The exhibition will take place in Palazzo Bastogi of Florence until 15th march 2013.

loggiato galleria uffizi

Art gallery in Florence: “Art and alchemy” at Uffizi Gallery

Florence will host “Never Seen” again, a unique exhibition organized by Uffizi Gallery during Christmas (but it will be open until 7th February 2013) which shows less-known artworks coming from warehouses. This year the exhibition is called “Art and Alchemy. Uffizi Foundry: from laboratory to room of wonders” and wants to represent, through various artworks, the ancient passion for alchemy.

cupola brunelleschi firenze

Art gallery in Florence: Renaissance exhibition at Palazzo Strozzi

From 23rd march to 18th august 2013 Palazzo Strozzi of Florence will host the exhibition “La primavera del Rinascimento. La Scultura e le arti a Firenze 1400-1460”, a connection between Italy and France which wants to illustrate, with thematic areas, the genesis of the artistic movement born in Florence, the “Cradle of Renaissance”, especially through sculpture.

poggio a caiano prato

Tuscan art: Ardengo Soffici’s exhibition in Poggio a Caiano

After the exhibition “Soffici 1907 – 207. 100 years after the return in Italy” and the opening of the museum dedicated to him, the Cultural Department of Poggio a Caiano (Prato) presents “Ardengo Soffici, Europe in Italy”. This exhibition, set up by Luigi Cavallo, is centred on the period between 1900 and 1918, and shows, with artworks and original documents, the contribution arrived in Italy thanks to Soffici.
These masterpieces will be on display until 27th January 2013 in Scuderie Medicee of Poggio a Caiano.

Tuscany vacations: Impruneta’s Festival

Tuscany vacations: Impruneta’s Festival

Impruneta is a city near Florence, known for the traditional Saint Luke festival, which celebrates the picture with miraculous powers preserved in the Basilica. To emphasize Impruneta’s uses, the municipality in collaboration with Florence organize “La fiera del Granduca, Impruneta, 18 ottobre 1618”, exhibition centred on Filippo Napoletano’s painting (conserved in Private Residence of Cosimo II in Pitti Palace), which will end on 6th January 2013.