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Florence exhibition: Historical Archive celebrates De Filippi’s expedition

100 years ago Filippo De Filippi, Italian medical doctor and traveller, organized an expedition in Central Asia. Historical Archive of Florence wants celebrate this anniversary with “Rediscovering the abode of snow”, exhibition dedicated to this journey and its strong scientific value. The land examinated and commemorated is Karakorum, highland covered with glaciers, between India and Pakistan. The exhibition will take place in Palazzo Bastogi of Florence until 15th march 2013.

Florence walking tours: special winter project

Florence walking tours: special winter project

Florence is universally known as one of the most beautiful cities of the world: art and nature meet and mix like in no other place, giving a unique charm to the cradle of renaissance. The Municipality wants to promote this side of the town with a special project, “Florence the walking city”, which draw up citizens, kids and adults, and visitors to nature and to the hidden beauty of Florence.